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The Tangled World of Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband Service

This article is to help clients understand New Zealand’s Ultra Broadband internet service (UFB). This short document is to give you a better understanding and a behind the scene look at how this service is delivered. Installation There are two components to UFB installations. While you as a client will only ever deal with your …


Best Business Email Solutions

With the large number of email solutions on the market today it’s hard to decipher which is the best option for your business. In New Zealand we have easy access to Microsoft Office 365 for email, Google Apps Gmail, traditional Microsoft Exchange Servers and a whole range of other free to use or paid email …


The Rise of 3D Printing

This post was originally published on Mashable.   Here’s what’s holding back 3D printing, the technology that’s supposed to revolutionize manufacturing and countless other industries: patents. In February 2014, key patents that currently prevent competition in the market for the most advanced and functional 3D printers will expire, says Duann Scott, design evangelist at 3D …


What is BYOD?

BYOD is the latest buzz word in the IT industry and it simply means “Bring Your Own Device”. Many environments (education especially) have large finical commitments to end user devices, this made up both of upfront and on-going operating expenditure. BYOD is about empowering users to provide their own workstation devices while keeping the corporate …