Company Identification

Company Identification

Company Identification

I know we’ve been writing a lot about security lately, but globally this is a very hot topic. The unprecedented rise of cybercrime in the last two years has made it mandatory for IT companies like us to be proactive with all of our security practices.

In light of this we have introduced a new company wide system for identifying our staff via telephone or email. What this means is if you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of one of our employees who may be on site with you, or talking to you on the phone, this new process we’ve introduced gives you a way to identify them.

Logical Solutions Company Passphrase

All of our employees are trained to use a security passphrase which can be used to identify them to you at any time. This passphrase is not public knowledge, and only Logical Solutions employees know what this passphrase is.

We change this passphrase on a regular basis and also after it has been used to identify one of our staff members.

So how does this work…

During our standard business hours of 8.30am and 5pm Mon to Fri, you can call or email our offices (Contact Us), and confirm what the current passphrase is to identify one of our employees.

For example you may have someone call you saying “Good afternoon, I’m Dave from Logical Solutions and I’m scheduled in to log on to your computer and run some updates. Can I log onto your computer to do this now please?”. Because we have many different engineers & developers, and there are a lot of clients we service, it’s likely you may encounter a staff member you’re unfamiliar with. So what can we do to identify Dave?

At this point you can simply say something like “Thanks Dave, I haven’t worked with you before so I’m just going to confirm your identity with your head office. Could I please have your full name and the company passphrase?”.

Dave will now supply you with that information and you can call our office on one of our official phone numbers (Contact Us) and get that information verified.

A simple but effective process to solve a very real security threat. It’s important that ANYONE, including our employees, that you’re not 100% sure of, aren’t allowed access to your computer until you are certain who they are.

Cybercrime is big business and we’re doing everything we can to ensure our clients networks are as secure as they can be.

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