HP Battery Recall June 2016

HP Battery Recall June 2016

HP Battery Recall June 2016

Due to fire and burn hazards HP has issued a voluntary worldwide safety recall of laptop batteries sold between March 2013 and August 2015. This effects new batteries and also replacement batteries during that time period.

The effected models are Compaq, ProBook, Envy, Presario and Pavilion notebooks.

How does this affect you?

Your laptops need to be checked to see if any of them are affected and HP recommends the batteries are removed immediately. A request can then be submitted to HP for a replacement battery. HP are not charging for new batteries.

“Because these batteries pose a fire and burn hazard, it is extremely important for customers to check whether their batteries are affected, and to cease use of affected batteries immediately,” HP has published. “Customers may continue to use their notebook computer without the battery installed, by connecting the notebook to external power.”

We recommend you get your IT support teams, or engage your third party IT support companies, to check your laptop fleet and take steps to remove any batteries which are effected and apply for replacement parts.



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