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Many companies we deal with are primarily looking to have help with their IT Support NZ wide and we have found this can mean different things for different companies. At Logical Solutions we try NOT to fit our customers “into a box” – Many IT Support companies offer a single IT Support NZ options based either on time or service calls.

All these options have their pluses and minuses. It is important during any new customer engagement that all the whys and wherefores are discussed at length and the most appropriate solution is adopted with your IT Support solution.

IT Support NZ, New ZealandThe most common support agreement is based on a “level of service” There tends to be three levels of service which are relevant to the severity of the call. Level One being the easiest through to Level Three being the most complex.

Some of the Logical Solutions customers actually have different levels of support on different types of equipment within the same network. In one such example we have a Level One IT Support agreement on the customer’s workstations (basically the first 20 minutes of a call) and Level Three on the servers (carrying out whatever duties that are required to restore user functionality.

Another common option is to have a “time based” IT Support agreement. Effectively this is where you purchase time in advanced from your provider and usually based on a “use it or lose it” mentality. While there is some flexibility to slide hours from month to month this tends to be limited.

Nowadays, IT Support agreements with our customers are very much a “mix and match” depending on the customers’ requirements. To offer this level of flexibility Logical Solutions has had to invest heavily in the best of breed Generation Two Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions.

ICT companies have for many years “preached” to their customers the importance of Customer Management Systems (CRM) backed into business specific solutions. The Connectwise  family of product allows our customers complete visibility and flexibility when it comes to service based products. Our larger customers even go as far as running their helpdesk from within our solution.

 For the smaller customers we offer small business options at a very affordable price. Using the Connectwise product range means that Logical Solutions can truly offer IT Support NZ Wide at an affordable price.

 We would like to invite you to take advantage of our free consulting offer and let our team show you how Logical Solutions can truly take away the pain of your IT Support worries. Contact Us Now

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