How to Access Sharepoint Online Office 365

How to Access Sharepoint Online Office 365

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This knowledge base article deals directly with How to Access Sharepoint Online Office 365.

Access SharePoint Online from Office 365 Web Portal

1. Log into your Office 365 Portal

2. Access SITES in the top right of the portal. This is Sharepoint Online. From there you can visit the Team Sites link where you will be presented with the sites you are currently permitted to view. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must go through this process the first time you access SharePoint. When you click on SITES for the first time it sets up your personal access to SharePoint in the backend. This is quite fast, only taking a couple of minutes, then clicking back on SITES once the setup has finished will take you to SharePoint.

How to access SharePoint Online


Direct SharePoint Access

You can also access Sharepoint Online by creating a link directly to your team site. While you are logged into the Office 365 portal under sites and on your team site you will see a link similar to this:

You can simply take this link and create a shortcut on your desktop for easy access, or save it to your favourites in your web browser.