Creating a Helpdesk Ticket

Creating a Helpdesk Ticket

in Technical Support

At Logical Solutions we utilise a fully tracked Helpdesk suite to give us up to the minute visibility of your requests and prioritise with urgency where required.  Your requests are quickly assigned to the most appropriate Engineer.

Logging a Helpdesk Ticket

The most efficient way to get support for a job is through emailing our helpdesk ticket system at

Please include as much detail into your ticket as possible, including exact error messages if applicable and any other information you feel is relevant.

It’s important you use your company recognised email address because our system is designed to recognise this and prioritise our engineers accordingly.

In critical circumstances, or if you are experiencing email difficulties, you may wish to call us during business hours on 0800 895 200 to log a ticket.

If you require after hours support the IT contact for your organisation will know how to escalate these jobs for you and this procedure can be different to creating a normal helpdesk ticket.