Service Level Agreements

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Why do we need a Service Level Agreement?

Are you sick of not knowing what it’s going to cost to maintain your company computer environment? Logical Solutions is a nationwide ICT Managed service provider. We can offer you a one price “all you can eat” contract, or a more conventional “time bank” option on ensuring that the correct maintenance and service levels are achieved.

Other computer consultants profit from the failures in your ICT environment. At Logical Solutions a fixed price “all you can eat” agreement doesn’t allow us to profit from your technology troubles and enables you to budget for your ICT expenses easily. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) come in all shapes and sizes. Basically they work on the principle that you pay your ICT partner a retainer to ensure that your ICT resources are available. Service level agreements need to be tailored to each individual customer as no two customers have the same set of requirements.

We use smart tools like Labtech and have over 20 years of industry experience. With this in mind let us show you how we can save you between 30 to 40% on your ICT spend, while allowing your accounting department to easily budget for ICT expenses, by paying the same amount each month.

We help you extract maximum value from your ICT investment by delivering the most cost-effective ICT infrastructure, one which is tightly managed through each phase of the ICT infrastructure lifecycle. This includes strategy, procurement, implementation, service and replacement.


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