Full Cover SLA

Total Cover

Win Tired of constantly trying to work out your IT budget?

Do you wish that your computers would just keep going?

Tired of getting surprise computer bills?

Then our “Full Cover” agreement is for you!

As the name suggests, this is a total cover of the environment. The environment will be totally monitored and managed from our help desk, allowing unlimited calls to be logged by your staff at no additional cost! The “Full Cover” has the primary objective of ensuring an absolute fixed cost to maintain and keep your computer infrastructure in a healthy state.

The heart of this offering is our “enterprise” class monitoring tool set. This enables our team to keep visibility of all of your machines 24/7. If a problem should occur, it is reported to our help desk automatically and in many situations we can resolve the issue – even before the user(s) is aware a problem existed. This also gives us the ability to watch “trending” within your network. From this we can predict when hardware will need replacement before it becomes critical to your organisation.

Many of our customers think of our total cover agreement as more of an insurance agreement for their computer network infrastructure rather than a service level agreement.