Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Can your business afford to be down for 2 to 3 days after a disaster?

Backup and Disaster RecoveryHistorically, businesses have relied on data only backups to protect themselves from loss of data. At Logical Solutions we believe this does not go anywhere near far enough to adequately protect business continuity. This is because data backups are not a form of Disaster Recovery (DR) and so many people get this wrong.

Disaster is when you lose total access to your data, email or even building. This could be caused either through server Operating System failure, serious hardware failure on your server, or your server being destroyed by some disaster like fire, flooding, earthquake etc.

If this scenario occurs and you only have data backups, it is necessary to rebuild your Operating System, Service Pack it, install your applications and certification, restore your Active Directory and then you can recover your data. This can take 2 – 5 days depending on the complexity of your build and indeed the availability of your original CDs and licensing information.

At Logical Solutions, we use a combination of local and off site data and image based tools to provide a complete solution to protect the integrity of your system. This allows the recovery of a system within hours of any disaster event.