Archived Storage

Keep your data safe from attack for as long as you need.


Managing your business’s off-site backups is becoming a harder task every day – but we can help you make it easy.

As your business continues to acquire and backup new data, a longer term storage solution is needed.

This ensures your data is safe from dangerous threats like Ransomware, and other viruses.

This is where we come in

Logical Solutions archive facility can store your business’s data for a simple monthly payment.

Archiving your data with us gives you peace of mind that it’s safe – should you need to restore to a time further than your standard backup.

Basically, we give you longer than the four weeks worth of traditional backups.

Many people think backups and archives are the same thing. But they’re actually not.


Backups are secondary copies of active data that deal with constantly changing business information. Because of this, they are generally short-term focused, and get overwritten regularly.

In contrast, an archive is a secondary backup of your standard backup, which is integrity tested, and stored away for safekeeping.

Archiving helps you effectively manage, protect, and utilise your business’s information assets.

With businesses being constantly challenged by growth in volume and information, archiving has become an essential IT activity.

We know each client’s needs are different, so we can tailor a package to suit your requirements.

We can look after your data for one, two, even twenty years! – however long you need.


As technology changes, you can be sure your data will remain safe, and retrievable many years from now.

Your data will still be restored, even after a lengthy time period, taking into account changing technology and software versions.

Archiving your data with Logical Solutions means you’ll not only lower risks – but you’ll also meet business goals, and achieve long-term business sustainability.

Call us now at the number below, and you can talk to one of our friendly team members to discuss your archiving options.

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Let you data stand the test of time by archiving with Logical Solutions, we look forward to working with you!