Online Backups

Automate Your Backups

With todays ever increasing reliance on data, backups play a major role in the continuity of any business. We’ve been dealing with many different backup solutions over the years and we know the off-site peice of the backup puzzle can be a point of pain for a lot of businesses. This is where online backups come into play and at Logical we have a range of options to suit most needs.

Our off-site online backup solution is perfect for any organisation with important data they need to backup. We setup everything for you from start to finish, and we ensure your data backup becomes part of our managed infrastructure environement. If there is a problem at any stage with data integrity we make sure you’re informed, eliminating as much of the ‘human error’ factor as possible.

You may be in a situation where you’re travelling around the country with a laptop and need the critical day to day data you use to be backed up to a reliable location. There’s no point backing up to a USB stick which travels around in your car with you, we’ve all heard the stories about situations like that right? Or maybe you’re backing up full images of your server every night to a local drive which you then manually have to change every day, or every week. What happens if the data on that removable drive is corrupt or you forget to rotate one week and you’re stuck having to restore from backups over a week old. What would that mean to your organisation? Even worse are you in the situation where you don’t even take your backups off-site? Don’t worry, we’re here to help and we’ve seen it all.

Those are all real world examples we’ve unfortunately encountered over the years, and has been the fuel which has driven our committment to our clients to offer robust and reliable online backup solutions.

Online Backup OptionsOnline Backups

We understand every business is different so we tailor a custom package to suit your needs. Some of our online backup options include:

Full Online Server or Workstation Online Backups

Integration With Current Backup Software

Data Integrity Checks

Document Only Online Backups