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General ICT ConsultingLogical Solutions uses years of experience and genuine technology specialists to deliver a wide range of General ICT consulting services. From ICT strategy development, business continuity planning, procurement and infrastructure performance we have you covered for all of your computing needs.


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General ICT Strategy

We help provide our customers with technology road maps to steer them towards robust, cost effective IT solutions. Without clear definition you’re flying blind. Know where you’re going and the best way to get there.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Two very important aspects of your ICT life cycle. What happens when your firewall fails? Who is responsible for the backups of all your important data? No matter what size your business, big or small, you need the right advice to keep your business running.


Your network is the life blood of your organisation, a robust network is crucial to deliver your day to day ICT requirements. The planning, design and implementation of your network is our specialty.


Computer security, network security, data security and user privacy should be high priority on any . Using the latest in third party technologies we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.


Moving your company to a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution could save your business thousands of dollars. VoIP is basically making phone calls from your company’s computer network and not from your traditional land line. Although some NZ providers are just starting to offer VoIP solutions to their customers now we have many years experience delivering VoIP solutions to our customers.

Project Management

We provide total support for your ICT project requirements. Always seek professional support to see those projects come in on-time and on-budget. Specialised help is only a phone call away.


Today’s modern computers are sometime capable of more computing power than your single operating system is asking of it. Server consolidation and virtualisation is used to reduce IT running expenditure and streamline services.

Our General ICT Consulting services cover a breadth of disciplines to to deliver you the solution you require.

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