The Core of Your Infrastructure

Computer Networking is the ability to connect multiple computing devices together via a wire of some description. Once connected together computers need to agree on a common protocol to enable these devices to talk to each other. The most common protocol is TCP/IP.

networkingTCP/IP is the protocol that the internet is built on. Every device or host on a network has a unique IP address. We can draw many parallels to the telephone system, ie: every phone has a phone number and in the computer world this is called an IP address. When you place a call from one phone to another the call is routed through the phone network by the numbers that you dial. IP works exactly the same way. When one computer needs to talk to another (even across the other side of the world as with the internet) the IP addresses are used to route to the appropriate remote network / host.

There is much complexity surrounding a network, and many networks are not only simple environments within a single building, they may also be complex and involve different branches all across the world. Here at Logical Solutions we have the expertise to help you track through the “mine field” without breaking the bank. We have engineers that are certified in the Cisco, Fortigate and Juniper product families.