Securing Your Business

Security is one of those topics that all customers want to subscribe to, but few are prepared to pay a premium for. We at Logical Solutions have many years of experience working with companies of all sizes helping them to secure their infrastructures. The biggest challenge is to get the “buy in” of the staff at all levels. We have found you can implement the most secure solution in the world, but if your staff are not prepared to follow the guidelines defined, many fundamental security breaches may follow.

IT SecurityWhen we talk about ICT security, we like to think of our internal networks as safe, and the Internet or public networks as unsafe. It has been proven that over 80% of network breaches originate from within the company network. We like to think about security in the terms of some “computer guru” using a magic formula or code to gain access to our corporate networks, in reality most breaches are caused by staff simply giving away their passwords.

“Isn’t it funny, we tend to have the lowest paid employees protecting the most valuable corporate possessions”

With today’s computing requirements of access “anywhere / anytime” designing a good security infrastructure is complex and generally requires a multi layered approach. The Logical Security audit will help you identify these layers and test to ensure they are all in place as required.

The Security Triangle is a metaphor that has been used in the industry for many years and still holds very true today. The basic concept being, out of the three elements (Low Cost, Secure and Functional) you can only ever expect to achieve two of these elements at any one time.


Security Offer Conditions:

1. A Logical Solutions computer agent is present on the infected computer.

2. The Logical Solutions approved anti-virus & anti-malware software suite is installed.

3. Logical Solutions best practice local administrator rights policies are in place for the infected computer.

4. Logical Solutions has carried out computing security training with the staff at the infected company.

5. The company has image based backups of all of its servers, which can be used by us to restore any encrypted data, or restore full servers back to operation. The backups must be in a state where a successful restore of data is possible.


Will a firewall take care of our Security requirements?

Good question and one we are commonly asked. The short answer is NO!

A firewall is nothing but a device that protects your network / Computer(s) from unwanted visitors.

The most common use for a firewall is as a “protection gateway” to connect a computer network to the Internet. Most NZ businesses connect to the Internet via a service known as ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line).

Unfortunately most businesses purchase and install a low cost ADSL router and feel that their network is protected.

The definition of a “Router” is a device that routes network traffic between one point and another. What is important to note is that by default a Router ALLOWS all traffic.

A Firewall, is the exact opposite – while a firewall does route computer traffic between two points, it default mode is to DENY traffic.

A firewall is an appliance that can be used to “implement” a security policy. Without a properly defined security policy, it is hard to make an informed decision on what and how to protect your environment.

We invite you to come and talk to us to help define your security policy.