What is cloud computing?

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What is Cloud Computing?

WHat is cloud computing award

The latest “buzz” word in the IT industry is “Cloud computing” and we at Logical Solutions understand that time needs to be spent in looking at what cloud computing actually is. Depending on who you speak to, there are many different responses to this question of what “Cloud Computing” actually is.  If you talk to Google they have their approach to the cloud, while companies like Microsoft and VMware have a very different approach to the cloud.

From the perspective of Logical Solutions there seems to be two industry agreed definitions.

1.  Software as a Service

This is where you would pay a provider to deliver a service to you, how they deliver it is largely irrelevant and is usually charged on a per user per month basis. Most providers of this type of service have guarantee to keep the service you have subscribed available a certain percentage of the time per month / year. (SLA)

2. Computer Resources Made Available

With this approach your cloud provider makes available resources (usually servers) and your technology provider loads whatever software is required to perform the function that your business needs. This is usually charged on a monthly basis, based on the physical resource required, e.g. how much Disk, CPU and memory per server. As you can imagine, this in a large organization with some services can work out to be more cost effective than the software as a service approach, but also carries the burden that you (the customer) have the responsibility of keeping the service (that you loaded) running.

The primary business benefits appear to be:
The ability to purchase a service (example Email) without any upfront capital.
No ongoing resources required to manage the service.(Software as a service)


There are many things to consider when looking into cloud offerings and for our customers the most important considerations will be:

1. What is the “risk to the business”?
2. If my cloud service fails or fails to perform, how are the issues resolved and by whom?


Something that many business fail to consider when looking into the cloud based solutions is what happens if it all goes wrong?

What happens to my data if my cloud partner ceases to exist?
If I put my data into the cloud, how is it protected from the public getting access to it?
If the performance fails to meet my expectations, who has the responsibility of sorting it out?


At Logical Solutions we believe that there is no “one fit for all” and the best approach is a tailored solution for your specific needs. For some customers having their whole environment totally cloud based may be the best solution, while with others a “hybrid” some services in the cloud and some services local makes more sense. Our expert consultants will work with you to come up with the best plan for your business.

So the answer to the question “What is cloud computing”?

Basically it depends on who you talk to as it means different things to different vendors.  Business may be looking to take advantage of low upfront cost to deploy and ongoing running costs but this always comes with some difficulties. Logical Solutions has seen many true successes with this technology as well as very costly failures. Our advice for business looking to travel down this path is to ensure you have all the information required to make a informed decision.


Logical Solutions is available to help you make an informed decision on what is the best direction for your company’s future.