Logical Solutions Unique Cloud Approach

There are many issues to overcome with any Cloud Solution. At Logical we believe that client data is the “crown jewels” of any business and shouldDataCntr never be put at risk. This lead us to believe the largest hurdle for any company taking up a cloud solution is not the technical issues that is often focused on, but more about ensuring client data is safe and available.

As with many computer companies we started with public cloud solutions such as Microsoft and Amazon. What became apparent is that it was difficult and risky to assume responsibility for client data when it was totally out of our control. Even though the public cloud providers have support platforms in place, it  was near impossible to pin down someone to take responsibility when a problem arose. In this situation, we would often end up acting as a go between for our clients to the provider.

Logical Solutions felt the only way forward was to have our clients in an environment that we could take full responsibility for. This lead Logical to build their our own Datacentre and cloud service. Being in control of the hardware enables them to offer customers an end to end solution and adopt to the individual requirements of the client.

Changing our strategy also provided our clients many other benefits;

  • Monthly Fixed Pricing (No billing surprises)
  • Customised solution based on client’s requirements
  • NZ (Local) based services, reducing latency currently offered by overseas cloud services
  • End to end responsibility (from the customers doorstep to the Datacentre)


To provide a successful service a number problems needed to be overcome. This included network connectivity and how to “file share” easily from a datacentre environment.

With the continual updates to NZ data, they are able to deliver Gb connections to clients at a reasonable price. At this type of capacity, the performance of the Datacentre solution in many instances exceeds that of local servers.

File sharing required a totally new approach was developed. A secure solution that can give clients their files at any time on any device. The solution uses features from both Dropbox and Sharepoint to give clients the best of both worlds and simplicity of use.

Logical Solutions has invested a significant amount of time and money developing their cloud solution and now has many happy clients successfully operating from this service.