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Microsoft’s Office 365 is a new way to think about productivity in the cloud. In reality Office 365 is made up of a number of services and products to help customers make the transition to a cloud based solution as painless and reasonable priced as possible.

Looking at the gambit of Microsoft products, we have user-based products, the likes of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) and back-end products. While the back end products in many circumstance, are not visible to customers, they provide the necessary mechanics to make the front end products work fully.

From our perspective one of the most challenging thing with customers is making them understand the different terminology and the unfortunately confusing naming convention used by Microsoft:

Office 365 = Microsoft Cloud based solution that can include local applications and/or the cloud based back end solutions.

 Office 2013/2016 = locally installable applications only (Word, Excel, Outlook).

The confusing part is that Office 365 can contain Office 2013 depending on what services and products you elect with your Office 365 subscription.

Office 365 So now you have a very brief understanding of what Office 365 is, what can it do for me?

 Logical Solutions specialise in providing solutions that fit your business. For example, many of our businesses own their own Office locally installed products and use Office 365 back-end services to complete the full experience for the customer.

 Because Office 365 is granular we can just purchase the services required on a customer-by-customer basis. In the example provided we would use Office 365 to provide Email server services.

 Other customers require additional services. These services can be purchased on an “as required basis” with the comfort of knowing that the “backend” being provided is truly enterprise. This now means that even single seat customers can have enterprise services delivered at a fraction of the cost that would be previously required.

 Logical Solutions has just been named as a Microsoft “Platinum” cloud partner for the Asia Pacific region identifying us as one of the twelve top performing partners providing Microsoft cloud solutions through Asia and Australasia.

 We are very excited about Microsoft Office 365 cloud technologies and believe it is well positioned to help businesses of all sizes take full advantage of Microsoft products and the rich features they offer for the modern business of today.

 Take the time to contact one of our consultants to discuss your requirements and how the Microsoft Cloud solutions can give your business an edge over your competitors.