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Moving to VoIP? What you need to know

When moving to VoIP from a traditional telephone system there are a few things you need to be aware of. The transition is normally a relatively smooth process but there can be a few ‘gotchas’ which are mostly out of your control. It always helps to know what to expect throughout the process so there …


Best Business Email Solutions

With the large number of email solutions on the market today it’s hard to decipher which is the best option for your business. In New Zealand we have easy access to Microsoft Office 365 for email, Google Apps Gmail, traditional Microsoft Exchange Servers and a whole range of other free to use or paid email …


Cheap VoIP PBX

Are you looking for a cheap VoIP PBX phone system? There are quite a few options out there and finding a reliable PBX so you can benefit from cheap VoIP phone calls is important. Over the last eight years we’ve seen and tested many different solutions. Yep that’s right! we’ve been implementing cheap VoIP solutions …


Cryptolocker Ransomware

Important things you need to know There has been a nasty family of malware circulating the internet for the last two years called ransomware. The cryptolocker ransomware trojan is the most common version of ransomware currently infecting machines. We’re constantly communicating with our clients letting them know of current computer safety issues, so this article …


How safe is your business data?

Is your business data safe? How would you even know? With cybercrime on the rise and NZ Herald headlines like Hackers steal 1.2 billion passwords, it’s never been so important to check out the health of your online and offline security practices. (Seriously go and check out that article quickly… don’t worry, we’ll still be …

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