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How to Connect your vSphere Client Externally

I had a situation today where I had to connect my VMware vSphere client over the internet directly to one of my ESXi hosts to gain remote access to a new bank of VM’s and thought I’d post here how to do it. I couldn’t find an article exactly outlining the procedure, so here’s mine… …


How to keep your ISP router safe from Hackers

Todays Topic: How to keep your ISP router safe from Hackers I’ve personally been involved with some white hat hackers in the past who shocked me at how easy it was to break into internet service provider (ISP) supplied internet routers. The router, or sometimes modem ( the terms in general speak are used interchangeably …


TrustPower Router Default Username & Password

Ok so here’s a post out of left field for you. We’ve just got our internet on at home using TrustPower as our ISP. Not my first choice of ISP but we had no choice but to choose this service for various reasons. Long story short I was just Googling for the TrustPower Router Default …


Is Windows 8 something we should consider for our Business?

Many of our customers have been asking Logical Solutions this question. We have carried out extensive testing and have found both plus and minuses for the new operating system.  The biggest plus is around overall performance and integration with Microsoft’s cloud offerings (Office 365). What’s not so great is that unless you are using hardware …


Network Attached Storage (NAS) – The Untold Truths

With the constant requirement for increased disk capacity we are seeing an upturn in the usage of external storage devices. Many customers are purchasing USB drives or Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices to provide a solution to this problem. USB drives are hard drives that installed in a case and commonly known as “external drives” …

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