V2 of the Logical Solutions VoIP Platform

V2 of the Logical Solutions VoIP Platform

V2 of the Logical Solutions VoIP Platform

Logical Solutions has just deployed a major upgrade to its hosted telephony offering to provide unmatched features for clients.

We have undertaken a long process to build a totally new voice platform. This platform is a multi-tenanted solution offering enterprise grade features to all customers.

“Our goal has always been to offer a secure, enterprise PBX that any client with minimal experience can administer. The feature set of our solution must exceed or at least offer equivalent functions to an on-site PBX installation. While we have always been able to offer a great feature set, the self-administration has presented issues.

This new solution has largely removed a lot of the complexity and adds the ability for clients to self-manage their own PBX with some added features as well”

The new platform is innovative in the way it handles call routing. Existing PBX’s use a system of “cascading functions” and these are used to determine how a phone call will be routed, which has been difficult for clients to understand. The new solution has taken major steps to reducing this complexity and provides the opportunity for clients to self-manage their own telephony solution.

We can also now offer additional features that many of our business customers have been requesting for some time. These are of interest to businesses with a “staff on-call” element.

Plans now start from as low as 5 phones and range up to 1000 phones so are suitable for all ranges of clients. The new simplified billing platform removes the requirement for upfront visa card payments. The new plans are largely flat rate calling with cell and international calls charged on an “as used basis”.

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