What is BYOD?

What is BYOD?

What is BYOD?

BYOD is the latest buzz word in the IT industry and it simply means “Bring Your Own Device”.

Many environments (education especially) have large finical commitments to end user devices, this made up both of upfront and on-going operating expenditure. BYOD is about empowering users to provide their own workstation devices while keeping the corporate environment safe, clean and secure.

Using the BYOD principle means that an organisation can focus its spending on providing a managed platform to enable its users to carry out their required daily tasks – in schools this means a secure platform for teachers to use to teach and students to use to learn.

Many think BYOD is about the “last mile”, how physically to connect 3rd party devices to my network. In reality the “last mile” connection is the easiest problem to solve as many vendors are able to provide some type of tricky wireless or wired solution connecting your network by some type of security appliance.

So if BYOD is not just about connecting devices, what is it actually about? Our technology partner VMware takes a deeper dive into this subject in their white paper which can be found here.

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